Spaceman (Short Film)

Calling Northern and Southern Irish Actors!

Casting call for a short film to be shot in Belfast over July and August. The film will be directed by Wilson Lynn from Head & Heart Films. We are looking for a number of different actors for main roles in the film.


After the death of his brother, Finn Neill tries to live out his dream with the help of his friends; to go into space. Spaceman is a short comedy looking at the crazy journey of one man’s dream.

Casting for:

Finn Neill – A young man with big ambitions. Often is a drift in his thoughts but is passionate about everything he does. (20-25)

Edwina Neill – Sister of Finn but has more sense. She works as an accountant and believes in working hard. (23-27)

Collin – Finn’s roommate and best friend. Is very smart but likes to slack which is apparent.

Columbia – Actual Engineer, very smart and is the only one who could maybe actually build a rocket. She works well as a leader because she can demand attention but can also be aware of whats going on in the lives of the people around her.


As it is a student film there is no funding so there will on be budget for petrol and food.

If interested in doing some lines for a casting, please email:

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