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Hello All!

*Note – H&H stands for Head & Heart

blessed with the response we have been getting from our friends, family and clients.

This blog post is a bit different from the last few I have done so excuse the roughness of it. You’ll see on our website, Facebook, Instagram and well.. this blog post even, I use the term ‘we’ a lot and I just want to quickly clarify that term for H&H (but  there will be a blog post soon about it). Currently H&H is run solely by myself (Wilson Lynn) and I am the only full time member of the team. I then bring in freelancers such as Sarah, Andrew, Eoin and Simon etc to help me out with bigger jobs.

Thats what brings me to my next point, we are changing our weddings, but trust me, for the better! Myself and Andrew Proctor (owner of AP Media) would have done a lot of weddings with each other under both H&H and then also AP Media. After some coffee, a ton of Facebook messages and the love of working together, we have decided to do weddings together solely under H&H (hoooraayyyy!)
So may I now introduce our new and lovely wedding team:

Wilson & Andrew

You can contact with myself or Andrew by emailing:

We also have a shiny new price guide (ooowhhhhh) available upon request.

We love the art of storytelling which is why wedding films are one of the foundations of H&H, if you feel that we could tell your story the best then please get in contact.

Big shout out to our wedding couples of 2015 thus far – Anthony & Diane, Chris & Hannah, Robert & Carolyn



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